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practice and science

Our aim is to keep the knowledge of dog behaviour always up to date with the latest scientific findings and to transfer it into practice-relevant training. We want to enable dog handlers to apply this knowledge in their daily work with their four-legged friends. Knowing training methods is good. But to really understand how they work enables you to be flexible, to be able to adapt the training methods individually for each dog and thus to enable dogs and owners to work in a relaxed way that is in accordance with animal welfare but still performance-oriented.

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The Detection Dog Training System

The Detection Dog Training System (DDTS) is an electronic design for training dogs in the fields of scent inprinting, scent differentiation and scent indication.

It can be used for training on a wide range of odorous substances from the service sector such as explosives and narcotics, the medical sector such as bacteria or viruses, but also for training for wildlife protection.

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Our philosophy

Their aim is to keep their knowledge of dog behaviour up to date with the latest scientific findings and to transfer this knowledge into practical training.

Biography Hans Ebbers

Hans has been a police officer since 1980 and was a member of a special forces unit between 1989 and 2017. Between 1992 and 2017, Hans Ebbers was also a trainer for self-defence and tactics in a special force unit.

Biography Dr. Esther Schalke

Esther Schalke has been active in dog sports since her youth. A short time later she became a search and rescue dog handler in the fields of area search and rubble search in the BRH (Bundesverband Rettungshunde).


The DDTS enables structured training and research without the handler’s influence. The dog can work with the scents without the human factor having an influence on the results.